Simply share your information via the control center or directly via your device.


Direct communication arranged by one to many, many to one or one on one.


Collect real-time feedback with the polling functionality .


Offer the opportunity to users to rate, like and comment.


Rapidly create easy to use forms and collect the output or relevant data of the community. 


Maximize planning efficiency within your community.


Gathering insights has never been that comfortable. 


Create and manage your points of interest and always accessible for your community.


Share the latest updates, ad-hoc or scheduled, create the Mobile-First experience.

App, tab and web

24COMS is available in a native Android and IOS App version. For app, tab and web we provide a hybride solution.


Get the perfect alert with notifications for your information. Available for app, tab and web

IoT enabled

The 24COMS platform is ready to receive complex input, process this and present clear information in the apps.

Contact button

If your community requires an easy to activate contact button; it’s there to activate.

Track & trace

If needed a track & trace functionality can be simply activated with consent of the users. 

Web Managed

You only need an internet connection to manage.

Web shop

Commercially engage with your community by web shop integration. 

System Integration

Our SI specialist provide a rich set of API’s and if not available we are rich on SI experience.


With 24COMS you take the right step towards GDPR compliancy.

Feel assured

As 24COMS we operate the certified way taking care of the standards as defined by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001


Your community is not limited to 256 or 512 users. 24COMS scales from 1 to infinite on all functionalities.

You couldn’t find the functionality you are looking for? Just contact us; the possibilities with 24COMS are close to infinity.

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