Why 24COMS

We are 24COMS. We create safe & solid communities.

We are 24COMS. We create safe & solid communities.


We inspire people to team up and share information. Not because they have to, but because they want to. Because we believe that a community is much more than belonging to something. It’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.

That’s what makes our communities enriched and stand out!

We connect people through modern technology.

With people-centric designed software. Platforms. Management tools and user interfaces. Easy to use, user friendly and beautifully designed. Everything is possible. We build communities to suit your situation best. Making communication and collaboration more effective and efficient.

We’ve developed the most advanced software utility in the world!

The communities we create for you are safe & solid. You fully own your own community. Your community is your property. You own the data. You own the relationships.
That makes you independent. Reliable and in control. No worries with privacy. No hussle with compliance. No stress with safety.

Yes, that’s right! We are innovators. Challengers.

We challenge the status quo. Create new ways of working. Change behavior. Our solutions are designed mobile-first. 24/7 access to your community.
More interaction. Better exchange of information. Faster response and feedback. Authorizing people. Structuring processes. Choosing your own look & feel.

New ecosystems. Better results. That’s how we grow the value of your community!

It’s fully scalable, easy to use, easy to manage, mobile first yet available for app, tab and web, IoT ready, branded in your house style, compliant with rules and regulations and offering a rich suite of functionalities.

A rich set of growing functionalities varying from posts, polls, logs, blogs, chats, and many more. See all the functionalities on the website. All you need for your valuable community to inspire, to inform and to communicate.

Join us. Enter the new world of communication and collaboration.

Gain from the benefits of all social platforms in 1 simple, reliable, personalized app. With your own safe and solid community, where people come together to inform, inspire and interact. With high involvement,  mutual interests & benefits.

What we deliver:
Safe and solid communities
The most advanced software utility in the world!
Personalized safe and solid apps.
New eco systems with new e-commerce opportunities.
Ready to use private & secure platforms, management tools and user interfaces.

We are taking your organization to the next level and we make it future proof!

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